Stay Fit While Traveling: 7 Tips

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When it comes time to travel for work or pleasure, you have many things to remember. Did you pack your toothbrush and contact lens case? Is your passport up to date? Will you be able to stay fit during your vacation?

You might think it’s daunting to keep up your exercise regime on the road, but you can sneak in a workout nearly anywhere. Keeping up with your routine will improve your mood and help you boost immunity while preventing late-night room service from padding your waistline. Here are seven tips for staying fit while traveling that will keep you looking and feeling your best. 

1. Choose Your Hotel Wisely 

Whenever possible, select a hotel with a fitness facility, especially if you plan to travel to an unfamiliar destination. You won’t know where to find the nearest park to sneak in a set of pullups on the monkey bars. It’s far simpler to follow hallways maps to the workout room than roam the streets, hoping to find the ideal spot. 

Given the pandemic, call ahead and make sure your destination follows safety guidelines — such as placing equipment at least 6 feet apart and limiting the number of participants. It should provide ample sanitizing supplies, like wipes. 

What if you’re training for a marathon and like to run outdoors? Check the hotel neighborhood’s safety ranking before booking your reservation. You can use online sites such as CrimeReports to put your mind at ease — or spur you to look elsewhere. It’s tough to focus on stride length when you worry that a pickpocket or worse might chase you. 

2. Bring Resistance Bands

What gives you a fabulous strength training workout without making your suitcase violate weight standards? If you answered “a set of resistance bands,” you will first prize at the Fitness County Fair. These gadgets make it easy to stay fit while traveling. 

You can pick up these devices inexpensively — many models cost less than $20, although you can find pricier versions. If you have the means, keep one set in your luggage and buy a second for under your couch. You can sneak in some biceps pumps the next time you binge Netflix.  

3. Brush up on Plyo Moves and Calisthenics 

Many plyometric moves require little-to-no equipment but deliver a significant burn. If you don’t believe it, drop and see how many burpees you can do before breaking a sweat. Moves like splint lunges blast your quads while getting your heart pumping, and you only need a 5-foot by 2-foot space to perform them. 

Old-fashioned squats and pushups likewise require no gym or weights. You can print a full-body workout before you leave and practice it while you chill in front of the in-room fireplace. 

4. Consider Your Transportation Choices

You have your plane tickets, but how do you intend to get around once you reach your destination? Before you say, “Uber, baby,” investigate options that keep you fit. 

If you’re traveling on business, can you book a hotel within walking distance of the convention center? Have you checked with your hotel? Some higher-end establishments now provide e-bike rentals for guests, while others offer traditional pedal-power models. 

5. Find a Nearby Facility 

What if your boss books your room, and your hotel lacks a gym? Look into nearby fitness facilities — you can often find them on Google Maps. 

The beauty of this option is that many places offer free trial memberships that keep you from paying a fee to stay fit. However, many gyms took severe hits during the pandemic shutdowns — if you have the means, they’d appreciate you buying a weeklong pass. 

6. Book Active Adventures 

Are you traveling to Cancun, you lucky devil? There’s more to do than lie on the beach with an umbrella drink in your hand. 

Why not book an afternoon of snorkeling with the dolphins or parasailing? You don’t have to go to Egypt to climb a pyramid — you can blast your quads and hamstrings at one of the historic Mayan sites along the Riviera. 

7. Discover YouTube Yoga 

Maybe you want something a bit more low-key than scaling the side of a pyramid. If you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can find thousands of workouts to stream on YouTube. It’s one of the most frequently overlooked ways to stay fit while traveling. 

The social media video site has more yoga channels than Baskin Robbins has ice-cream flavors. Find a few instructors that you love before you hit the road. Bye-bye, decision fatigue — all you need to do is scroll down your sweet subscription list to find the perfect way to start or end your day. 

Stay Fit While Traveling With These 7 Tips 

Going on vacation doesn’t need to mean coming home with tight-fitting pants. Use these seven tips to stay fit while traveling and enjoy a healthier journey. 

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