Top 10 Dating Apps Tips for Guys

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday December 16, 2020

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Even before the pandemic, dating apps offered an ideal way to meet other available singles. Now, with COVID-19 closing the usual meeting locations, they’re more valuable than ever. 

However, if you want to succeed at the mating game, you still need to know how to charm. You also want to avoid behaviors sure to make prospective dates swipe left. Here are the top 10 dating apps tips for guys to increase your chances of finding success. 

1. Be Honest With What You Want 

If you’re genuine about seeking a life partner and starting a family, say so. However, don’t use that line merely to win dates. One, it’s not cool to play games with hearts. Two, you never know when you might encounter one of those bunny-boiling types straight out of “Fatal Attraction.” 

It’s OK to say you’re seeking a casual hookup — that’s why sites like AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison exist. Playtime is more fun when both participants know the rules. However, remember that old cliché about what’s good for the gander — don’t get possessive of the goose. 

2. Skip the Come-Ons to Every Match 

“You’re hot. Wanna hook up?” Guys, every woman has had some variation of this query — often horribly misspelled — in her dating inbox. While statistics are hard to come by, this line probably doesn’t work too often. 

You don’t want to risk coming off like a creep. Even if you seek a casual encounter, exchange a few pleasantries first. 

3. Learn How to Start Conversations

Do you begin every message thread with, “Hey, what’s up?” If so, congratulations — you win first prize for the least-original opening line. 

Learn how to ask open-ended questions — this method serves two purposes. First and foremost, it makes you a more sparkling conversationalist. 

Secondly, it helps you weed out prospective mates without hard feelings. If someone replies “the pitter-patter of tiny feet” to your inquiry about what makes their heart feel happy, you know to keep searching if you have zero desire for children. 

4. Keep The Dialogue Going

You can’t expect everyone to match your chat skills. Learn how to keep the convo going from your end. 

For example, if someone whom you match with asks, “How was your day,” resist the urge to say, “Fine.” Instead, tell a funny anecdote and draw them into the discussion: “Did you ever have one of those days when …” 

5. Go Easy on Physical Compliments

Flattery only works on those seeking a quick ego boost. You can’t tell everything about a prospective mate by their profile picture. Plus, those with an attractive photo already get told how “hot” they are. 

6. Give Praise for Accomplishments

Make yourself stand out by instead applauding your interest in their accomplishments. Did they mention that they finished writing a novel? That’s far more worthy of praise than a pair of exotic eyes.

7. Learn How to Take Rejection 

You won’t connect with everyone you find interesting. That’s OK. 

Look at meeting people the way you do the job interview process. Sometimes, you think you found the ideal position, but you never hear a thing. Instead of taking it personally, you move on to the next opportunity. Do this in online dating instead of obsessing over the one that got away. 

8. Avoid Playing Games 

Imagine finally meeting the right person — only to find out they’re secretly married to someone else. While that’s an extreme example, it’s one reason why you shouldn’t play games with other people’s emotions. Remember the golden rule to do unto others? 

If you aren’t interested in one of your online dating matches, let them know. Don’t string them along to have someone in your back pocket if other opportunities don’t pan out — would you want to be someone’s plan B? 

9. Ask for That First Date 

Don’t get shy about asking for the first date. If you and an online match hit it off, suggest a meeting. After all, that’s the whole point of online dating in the first place. 

Suggest a casual meetup in a neutral, public place. Since we live in the age of COVID-19, a coffee shop with ample outdoor seating works. You get bonus points if it’s near a park where you can go for a more socially distant stroll. 

10. Don’t Go Overboard

Maybe the person you like has to go out of town next week. However, if you ask them again and they have a similar excuse, they might be trying to let you down easy. 

Don’t go overboard with invitations — consider a two-max limit on continued tries after rejection. Past that point, let the other person come to you. Likewise, don’t try to wow those who do accept by showing up with a limo and roses. A first date isn’t your senior prom, and it could make the other person flee. 

Succeed in Online Dating With These Top 10 Dating App Tips 

You can succeed in online dating and find a casual fling or a long-term romance. Use the 10 tips above to improve your chances of finding love. 

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