Tips for Staying Hydrated During the Warm Season

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday April 11, 2019

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The first warm days after winter might be some of the best ones of the whole year. People shed their bulky jackets and itchy sweaters for shades, sandals and all that sunshine.For all its goodness, though, warm weather presents a big con — dehydration. You’ll need some killer tips for staying hydrated if you want to stay healthy.

Body temperatures rise when out in the sun and sweat causes water loss. If people sip a solid amount of H2O, they’ll stay cool and won’t feel the discomfort that comes with excessive thirst. Signs of dehydration can include dry skin, headaches, muscular cramps, dizziness and more.

To avoid all that and truly enjoy the spring and summer ahead, all people need to do is fill their cup, drink and repeat. Here are some tips for staying hydrated throughout the warmer months and beyond:

Know How Much Water Is Needed

People should first be sure they’re drinking enough water. Typically, the rule is eight glasses of water, eight times a day, although that number can vary based on sex and level of physical activity. The eight-by-eight rule is a good-off point, and more water can be added if someone is still thirsty.

Pay Attention to Pee Breaks

It might sound crazy, but pee breaks say a lot more about hydration levels than the amount of water being chugged in a day. For instance, darker urine hasn’t been flushed of all the toxins that give it its golden hue — people should drink water until their pee looks almost clear.

To make things even easier, some apps use bathroom breaks as a gauge for how much water people need. A user just taps the app to indicate when they’re going to the bathroom, and it will remind them to drink water and replenish stores accordingly.

Carry a Water Bottle

One of the best tips for staying hydrated is to ensure people have the right stuff on hand at all times. A reusable water bottle should do the trick — not only is it portable, but it can also be refilled on the road to keep the hydration going.

Make It Taste Better

Some of us have trouble drinking water, and it shows — dehydration can cause some of the most common ailments women face, including low blood pressure. The reason some of us avoid drinking water is that we want to sip something with a bit more flavor. Fortunately, people can make this happen without sacrificing water intake.

Fruit and herbs prove the best place to start. Add cucumber slices, mint leaves or lemon wedges to a pitcher of water and place it in the fridge. It’s as easy as that. When it’s time to pour a glass, it will be infused with flavor.

Dress Smart

Hydration is not all about how much water is consumed. Clothes that are too heavy cause people to sweat more, which will use up the body’s water reserves more quickly. Slip into something airy this summer to help regulate body temperature. Moisture-wicking garments keep people cooler, as do lighter colors, which attract less sunlight and heat than dark clothes.

Snack on Hydrating Foods

Watermelon, strawberries, peaches — not only do these foods taste extra-delicious in summer, but they’re also made almost entirely of water. As such, eating these and other hydrating foods will help people quench their thirst. Plus, snacks like these are easy to tote to outdoor activities, whether someone has joined a summer sports league or planned a beach trip, making them one of the easiest tips for staying hydrated to follow.

Try Coconut Water

Coconut water packs an extra-hydrating punch since it contains electrolytes. These conductive minerals help facilitate many of the body’s functions, including controlling the balance of fluids. As such, a glass of coconut water will help level someone out who is feeling super dehydrated. This beverage is also an excellent option if exercising outdoors in the sun, or if someone catches a summer cold, since people should be extra hydrated during and after both of these scenarios.

Drink Coffee and Booze Sparingly

Both coffee and alcohol are diuretics, which mean they make people pee more frequently than a typical beverage, thus dehydrating them more quickly. Neither an iced latte nor a bottle of prosecco will hydrate, no matter how cold it is. If someone is planning to sip a cup of joe or chug a poolside cocktail, they should intermittently sip water to keep hydration on point.

Drink up These Tips for Staying Hydrated

It doesn’t have to be that hard to drink water, and these tips for staying hydrated prove it. People might need to invest in a water bottle, concoct a favorite fruit-infused flavor of water, or cut down on coffee intake. No matter what, they will feel infinitely better in the heat if properly hydrated — and the body will be safeguarded against all the painful side effects that come with dehydration. In other words, drink up — summer is about to begin.

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