6 Travel Hygiene Tips Travel Enthusiasts Love

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday May 2, 2019

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Whether you prefer to fly or drive, it’s no secret that travel can make us feel a little icky. When you can’t take a shower or brush your teeth, every bit of energy leaves your body. Thankfully, you can use these travel hygiene tips to make those long trips much more enjoyable.

1. Wear Breathable Clothes

You don’t want to be too confined when you travel, so try to wear clothes that can breathe. For many frequent fliers, athletic clothes are a standard choice. They tend to wick moisture away from the body, which helps reduce sweat and odors.

For example, you could wear a loose pair of pants and a polyester tank top or shirt. Make sure to pack a jacket for colder temperatures. This way, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your travels. Plus, you won’t need to pile on deodorant or perfume.

2. Pack Minty Gum and Mouth Wash

If you plan to travel for more than a few hours at a time, it’s essential to make sure your breath stays fresh. Feel free to pack a disposable toothbrush and mini toothpaste – but at the very least, you should bring mint-scented gum and mouth wash as well.

These products are easier to carry, so you can slip them into your purse or bag. After you eat a snack or want to freshen up, use the mouth wash and pop in the gum.

3. Try a Moisturizing Face Mask

Sometimes, high altitudes cause our skin to dry out because of reduced humidity levels. It’s crucial to adjust your skincare routine when you travel. Otherwise, you may feel a little grimy when you reach your destination. As one of the most vital travel hygiene tips, many people swear by moisturizing face masks for lengthy flights.

You could try a sheet mask for a simple, one-time application. If you want to use the same product more than once, opt for a bottled mask instead. Either way, apply the mask before you land for renewed skin.

4. Drink Enough Water

It’s easy to become dehydrated after a long car ride. When you stop and eat, do your best to order water instead of soda. You should also pack a reusable bottle so that it’s easier to fill up as you travel. You’re more likely to drink water when it’s easily accessible, too.

Most people need to drink at least anywhere from five to eight glasses per day. That said, everyone’s health differs, so pay attention to your body whenever you’re thirsty. As a result, you’ll avoid headaches, fatigue – and bad breath!

5. Use Hand Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

Often, travel can make us feel a little under the weather. It’s crucial to keep your hands clean throughout your journey so that you don’t become exposed to harmful germs. Pack a set of hand wipes or a bottle of hand sanitizer to stay healthy.

Whenever you enter a restaurant or leave a bathroom, wash your hands with soap and water. If you can’t access a sink, you’ll have your wipes and sanitizer. It’s best to have a backup plan!

6. Apply Scent-Free Deodorant

Let’s face it – no one wants to smell a cloud of cologne throughout a 10-hour flight. Unless you plan to travel alone, you’ll have to sit next to a stranger. Even if you and your family take a drive together, it’s important to remember a few manners.

Of course, you should still apply these products to stay fresh and clean. Be sure to choose lighter scents, and don’t overapply, so that you can do everyone else a favor. Go for a solid or powder deodorant so that it passes TSA regulations.

Use These Travel Hygiene Tips for Your Next Vacation

With these ideas, you can stay at your best on any flight or car ride.

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