8 Foods to Reduce Bloating Quickly

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Tuesday May 7, 2019

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I usually eat healthfully, but I’ll admit that the occasional meal of mine might be a touch too high in sodium — and that leads to bloating. Luckily, just as some foods can cause excess water weight, other foods to beat bloating exist too. As a bonus, there are many foods to reduce bloating quickly as well!

Even during that time of the month, eating the right foods to beat bloating make it easier to button up my jeans when I get dressed. Here are the eight go-to foods I reach for when I’m feeling a little puffy. Give these foods to reduce bloating quickly a try so you can finally win the battle of the water bulge.

1. Get Lemony

Lemon water has long been used as part of a detox routine for the body, and this tasty beverage helps beat bloat, too. Plus, lemon gives plain water a hint of flavor that makes sipping throughout the day easier.

You can make this bloat-buster by squeezing the juice of a lemon into a glass of water. I like to keep a pitcher of spring water in which I float slices of lemon so I can easily refill my bottle. During the winter, I make lemon water ice cubes — whenever I get a scratchy throat, I can drop a cube in my tea to cool it and give myself a vitamin C boost.

2. Snack on Celery Sticks

It seems ironic that the things that seem most watery are often the same foods to reduce bloating quickly. Celery is one go-to, especially if you’re like me and enjoy a satisfying crunch when you snack.

Of course, crunchy as it may be, celery leaves a bit to be desired in the flavor department. However, many store-bought dips that popularly top the veggies contain a ton of sodium. I like to mix up my own. After all, homemade hummus is easy to whip up in moments with only a few ingredients.

3. Be a Ginger — Regardless of Hair Color

Adore chai tea like me? Go ahead and drink up! Chai tea contains ginger, a root those in Eastern cultures have long used to help reduce excess water weight, and is one of the ideal foods to beat bloating.

Chai also helps you wake up naturally without a ton of extra caffeine. Try a cup of chai in the morning instead of your usual coffee. Caffeine can increase menstrual cramps, so if your bloating is due to the monthlies, making the switch could help alleviate both symptoms.

4. Nosh Away on Fennel

Even though fennel is a member of the carrot family, this plant native to the Mediterranean tastes a bit more like licorice. I love it simply roasted with olive oil and herbs, but it adds a distinctive flavor to other dishes, too. Among foods to beat bloating, this is one of the best.

5. Fermented Foods to Beat Bloating

Many vegan food staples, such as tempeh and kefir, made with coconut milk double as probiotic powerhouses. Probiotics go a long way when it comes to balancing out stomach bacteria that can cause bloating and gas regardless of the time of the month.

Sadly, beer makes you bloat even more. If, like me, you enjoy sipping your probiotics, reach for kombucha. This fermented beverage contains a ton of probiotics, and the alcohol content is so minimal, you don’t need to worry about getting a DUI.

6. Go a Little Bit Nuts

Yes, I know — store-bought nut blends can contain a ton of salt, which is awful when already feeling bloated. Thankfully, many health food stores carry nuts in the raw. What I also love about buying nuts au natural is I get to determine what kinds I blend together.

Nuts and seeds contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help improve female reproductive health. Omega-3 also keeps your skin and hair glowing, which is a nice bonus for these foods to beat bloating.

7. Slice a Cucumber Into That Salad

I adore cucumbers. The crunch is so satisfying, and the veggie is so low in calories, I could eat my way through several pounds of cukes without gaining an ounce.

Cucumber salad graces many spring and summer picnic baskets, and it doesn’t take much to make a quick and easy batch. Just a little bit of vinegar and dill transforms sliced cukes into a side dish any hostess can feel proud serving.

8. Dig Into Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains potassium, a mineral that helps flush excess sodium out of the body. This is one of the best foods to reduce bloating quickly. I like to blend a bit of fruit and yogurt for a quick and easy dessert.

Those with sensitivities to dairy foods, though, may find that yogurt containing milk products causes stomach upset — and may increase, not decrease, bloating. Fortunately, nondairy yogurt tastes every bit as good, and still provides probiotics. That means you get the gut-busting benefits regardless of whether your water weight gain stems from eating the wrong thing or hormonal changes.

Foods to Reduce Bloating Quickly

Bloating can put a damper on anyone’s day, especially as temperatures rise and the urge to lie poolside strikes. Fortunately, by eating foods to beat bloating, I was able to flush out extra water weight quickly — and you can, too.

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