What Mascara Is Best? Find Your Next Favorite Product

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday May 13, 2022

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Finding the right beauty product makes your life easier. If you’re looking for your next favorite mascara but don’t know how to start looking, use these tips to determine what mascara is best. Once you learn how to evaluate the different types and purposes, you can compare the top brands and find exactly what you need.

What Are the Many Types of Mascara?

Mascara enhances your appearance by making your lashes bolder. That might seem straightforward, but beauty brands make various types accomplish that job differently. Take note of the multiple types, such as:

  • Waterproof
  • Curling
  • Natural
  • Volumizing
  • Tubing

Reading about each mascara will reveal how they work. You may want the natural curling effects of a curling wand if you want them to hold their shape longer. You might also enjoy the science behind a tubing formula if you want the ultimate even application across your lashes.

Things to Consider

Before buying any new beauty products, consider important factors like these to make the best investment for your needs.

Potential Skin Allergies

You may have sensitive skin if you deal with ongoing skin redness or itchiness. Sensitivity can happen for various reasons, which might also make your lashes more easily irritated. Sticking with brands that commit to non-irritant ingredients will give you the most pleasant experience possible while trying new mascaras.

Your Typical Schedule

Think about what you’ll be doing while wearing your makeup. Will you hit the gym after work or attend an outdoor party in humid weather? In that case, you might want to get a trusty bottle of waterproof mascara compared to a standard formula.

Your new mascara should boost your confidence by enhancing your beauty, not making you anxious about your appearance. You won’t have to deal with your mascara running and constant trips to the bathroom to fix it.

Your Primary Values

It’s important to reflect on your values to determine which products align with your lifestyle. If you’re against animal cruelty through product testing, you would want to know that 88% of the top 50 cosmetic companies test on animals. Depending on what’s most important to you, you can also find companies with eco-friendly production processes or commitments to supporting local economies.

How Long You’ll Wear It

Applying makeup before a party is one thing, but wearing your makeup for 12 hours or longer requires a stronger formula. Reflect on how long your makeup stays on your face to pick from traditional and long-lasting products.

What Is the Best Mascara on the Market?

Once you know what you want from your new mascara, think about some of these options from the most popular cosmetic brands.

1. Astronomical Mascara

The formula behind Astronomical is naturally thickening. It coats and lengthens your lashes upon use. You might enjoy switching to the curved application wand for its easy use and the product’s vegan ingredients.

$46 from Amazon

2. Ami Colé Lash Amplifying Mascara

Ever wished you could have more lashes? Skip the growth serums and try Ami Colé’s amplifying mascara. It provides high-impact definition with its tapered wand that coats every inch of your lashes and makes them appear fuller.

$25 from Amazon

3. Pat McGrath Labs Volumizing Mascara

Longer lashes make a bolder look. Pat McGrath’s volumizing formula might work for your beauty routine if that’s your style. Apply a light coat to find out why so many people love the conditioning and hydrating effects of the panthenol and peptide ingredients.

$34 from Amazon

4. Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof Mascara

Combine additional length, curl and even applications with Chanel’s mascara. You won’t have to worry about clumps or straight lashes after using the vitamin B5 formula. It’s also a trusted waterproof product that can weather any rainshower or sweaty afternoon.

$57 from Amazon

5. HEROINE MAKE Waterproof Tubing Mascara

Beauty fans love this Japanese mascara because of its all-day curl-hold. Tubing mascara is all the rage at the moment because instead of coating your lashes, tubing mascara creates a flexible tube around each lash using water-soluble polymers. The curling and lengthening formula is also waterproof.

$15.99 from Amazon

Learn What Mascara Is Best

Use these tips to find out what mascara is best for your daily life. Whether you need something that’s volumizing, waterproof or long-lasting, you’ll have better results from whatever you try next.

Updated on March 11, 2024

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