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What Causes a Girl to Bleed During Intercourse?

Women may bleed during and after sex for many reasons. If you experience this condition, you’re probably looking for answers on what’s happening and if you should visit a doctor. It can be scary to spot and not know why. Before you start to stress, however, learn about what causes a girl to bleed during […]

Healing From a Dysfunctional Family: 8 Tips

If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, the echoes of your childhood experiences could poison your adult existence. You might develop one or many psychological disorders that interfere with your success at work and in relationships. When you are around people who didn’t experience such trauma, you can feel like a stranger in a […]

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work Long Term

Fad diets can often sound appealing — mostly because they’re too good to be true. Many people would love to drop weight easily, quickly and simply, but it’s never that simple. Often, the methods of weight loss that fad diets promote is unhealthy and unsustainable. They cause more harm than good most times, and usually […]

The Most Important Weightlifting Tips for Women

You’re about to pick up that loaded barbell when you realize you don’t know what to do with your body. All beginners face this dilemma as they start to incorporate weightlifting into their fitness routines. It’s essential to take a pause and consider some tips before you hurt yourself. Pay attention to these weightlifting tips […]

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Everyone goes through phases of their life when they get a new hairstyle or cut their hair short. For a while, you love how it looks and wouldn’t want to go back, but then you see pictures of long, healthy hair.  Maybe you want waist-length curls or thick hair that doesn’t have split ends. Some […]

Are You Emotionally Cheating on Your Partner?

Emotional cheating isn’t always easy to define. Usually, emotional cheating occurs when one partner finds a degree of intimacy, companionship and fulfillment outside of their relationship in a way that defies the nature or agreements of their commitments to the other person. Often, emotional affairs begin as friendships or even innocent crushes before developing into […]

6 Tips for Moving Abroad After College

After many years of hard work and sacrifice, you’ve finally graduated from college. No matter which degree you have framed in your living room, you’re about to use it to start your career. It’s exciting to apply for jobs and schedule interviews, especially if your next job takes you to a new country. Plenty of […]

5 Flexibility Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Stop where you are, and pay attention to your body for a moment. What areas feel tense or achy? Maybe you notice that you clench your jaw or that your lower back feels like you have a red hot bowling ball lodged under your shirt.  One free way to ease stress and tension is through […]

How to Learn to Dance at Home: 7 Tips

How do people in some remote tribes cure depression when one of their numbers becomes melancholy? They dance! You don’t need to have access to modern medicine to know that this form of fitness can help ease your body, mind — and spirit. Who couldn’t use that during uncertain times?  If you aren’t ready to […]

5 Best Fitness Trampoline Workouts

If you’ve never thought about your trampoline as a fitness tool, it’s time to try some new workouts. With the right technique, a rebounder can help you build and strengthen muscle – and protect your joints at the same time. Plus, you can burn some serious calories. Here are five fitness trampoline workouts to incorporate […]

Why Some Exercises Cause Missed Periods

Everyone’s heard that you need to have a proper diet and routine exercise regimen to lead a healthy life. You may eat fruits and veggies while avoiding sugary foods, but you’ll notice a few different ways exercise affects your life once you do it regularly. The first change may be a few delayed or missed […]

Here’s How to Create a Beach Body Fitness Plan

As warmer weather quickly approaches, you’ve probably started to think about your fitness routine. This year, it may not be possible to hit up your favorite beach destinations – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t aim for a healthier lifestyle. After all, diet and exercise matter even when you’re not on vacation. Here are […]

The Ultimate Swim Workout: 7 Ways to Burn While Staying Cool

Are you wanting to shed the quarantine 15 but overheating before the second mile of your run? Don’t worry — you can get an effective workout with the help of a swimming pool.  If you want to create the ultimate swim workout, you can choose from a variety of activities. You can also make up […]