10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Best Gifts for Dads With Beards

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday June 14, 2024

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. Your dad deserves something incredible, especially if he has an iconic beard. Get inspired by these Father’s Day gift ideas to treat him with a present that celebrates his beloved facial hair. Whether he likes his beard long or trimmed short, these gift options will make him cheer after unwrapping them on his big day.

Why Do People Give Presents for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day began as one woman’s recognition of her devoted dad. Sonora Smart Dodd lost her mom in childbirth and grew up with only her father and her siblings. When Sonora grew up, she petitioned to make Father’s Day a holiday to celebrate single dads like her own. 

Giving presents is a way to give back to the dads who do so much for their loved ones. It’s a simple act, but can mean so much when the gift thoughtfully recognizes something unique about your father.

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Incredible Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Bearded Dads

These are some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas you can consider for any dad with a beard. They highlight his favorite facial hair style and empower him to learn more about self-care.

1. Gelid Beard Pun Mug

There might be 72 million dads in America, but yours outshines them all. Play into his sense of humor with this mug featuring a beard pun. It’s perfect if cheesy jokes make your dad light up more than the fresh coffee steaming next to his breakfast in the morning. You could even fill it with his favorite candy or snacks to pack double the joy into this gift.

$12.95 from Amazon

2. Viking Revolution Beard Comb

You never know when you’re going to need to comb your beard. This Viking Revolution comb makes self-care easy on the go. Your dad can use it to tidy up after eating a crumbly sandwich and store it in the sleek leather pouch that fits the comb perfectly. It’s the ultimate styling tool at home or abroad, especially if he already uses softening oils and needs something to run the product along his facial hair.

$9.88 from Amazon

3. SheaMoisture Beard Oil

Scented oils have so many uses. You can apply them on your face to reduce wrinkles and age spots, but they also make beards so much softer. The SheaMoisture beard oil is one of the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas you can get your dad if he’s always complaining about his beard feeling rough. A little bit of oil will transform the texture of his facial hair and last all day.

$9.99 from Amazon

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4. Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner

Even if your dad still uses his trusty three-in-one bottle for his hair and body care needs in the shower, introduce him to beard conditioner. It features biotin liposomes that soften facial hair and encourage its growth. All he has to do is rub it into his beard while it’s damp and let it dry while he continues his day.

$11.36 from Amazon

5. Professional Trimming Scissors

The scissors your dad steals from the kitchen won’t give a precise trim like professional scissors. This tiny pair of blades trims the finest hairs for pinpoint hair care. This fine-tipped pair of scissors can even trim nostril hairs, making it twice as good as other Father’s Day gift ideas. 

You never know — he might even use them to trim his hair and save on future trips to the barber’s shop. He can always look up helpful videos on YouTube to get more confident with each passing week.

$5.99 from Amazon

6. Beard King Shaving Bib

The worst part about having a beard is hair getting everywhere when you trim it. The hair pieces end up clogging the sink or littering the bathroom counter for weeks. Solve that problem by gifting your dad a Beard King bib.

The corners of this hair care apron attach to suction-cup hooks on the mirror. All your dad has to do is wrap the velcro neckline around his neck to create a mini hammock that catches every hair. It even comes with its own zippered bag, so it’s easy to bring on trips alongside virus-killing hand sanitizer containers and miniature mouthwash bottles.

$29.99 from Amazon

7. Manscaped Waterproof Electric Beard Trimmer

Scissors aren’t for everyone. If the idea of freestyling with a pair of blades makes your dad nervous, he’ll likely love the Manscaped trimmer. The electric, waterproof trimmer doesn’t shy away from damp beards or shower shaves. Your dad can use the 20 length extensions to get the exact shaping tool he needs, even if his beard preferences change weekly.

$99.99 from Amazon

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8. Wild Willie’s Beard Straightener

There are plenty of ways to straighten wavy or curly hair. Chemical straighteners might do the job quickly, but they also cause eczema and inflammation your dad doesn’t want to deal with on his face. He can use the Wild Willie straightener to get the ultimate beard style with just a bit of heat. It’s one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas because it’s so simple and easy to pack in a travel bag.

$27.99 from Amazon

9. FullLight Tech Starter Beard Kit

Your dad might be one of the many guys who don’t buy themselves beard products because there are too many to consider. Get him started with an anxiety-free starter kit. It has everything from scissors to oils. He can explore the world of beard care at his own pace and even keep everything in the included burlap drawstring bag.

$19.91 from Amazon

10. Pop Modern.C Beard Growth Serum

Some people struggle to grow a good beard. Facial hair follicles don’t always develop evenly. Your dad’s DNA might even result in fine beard hairs that break off easily, making it challenging to reach a longer length.

Beard growth serum could be the best gift your dad gets this year if he has bald patches or wants longer facial hair. The Pop Modern.C serum stimulates follicles with caffeine and the extra biotin encourages healthy growth. If he applies a few drops onto his cheeks and chin every day for three months, he’ll get the beard he’s always wanted.

$9.99 from Amazon

Get Inspired by These Father’s Day Gift Ideas

While you could always get your dad another leather watch or a new wallet, these Father’s Day gift ideas are so much more fun. Get any of these presents to celebrate your dad’s passion for facial hair. He’ll learn to keep up with his face care routine and feel more confident because you indulged him in something different this year.

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