Yoga Poses for Ovulation

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday June 28, 2018

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If you’re planning on starting a family, few things are more stressful than seeing only one line pop up on your much-anticipated pregnancy tests. Sometimes, a bit of stress causes hormones to go out of whack. And other times, the pressure of trying to conceive is just too much. Fortunately, a little downward dog and lotus posing may be able to help. Time to get bendy with it and try out a few yoga poses for ovulation!

There are few things in life a bit of yoga and relaxation can’t improve — fertility included. Yoga is a very conception-friendly exercise. In a society as fast-paced as ours, it’s no wonder the constant worrying and anxiety take their toll on our ability to be lively and healthy, so adding some yoga for regular ovulation to your routine can really help you de-stress.

And if your wellness isn’t ideal, you’ll find that creating a new life while trying to balance your own isn’t always easy, either. Whether you’re experiencing infertility or want to prepare your body for attempts to conceive, yoga is a natural and effective way to help get your reproductive system on track. It’s yoga for reproductive organs! Zenify your eggs and find out that balance really does exist!

Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself! Here’s a look at a few yoga poses for ovulation that may help awaken and revitalize your sense of fertility.

1. The Butterfly Pose

If you’re looking for a conception-friendly exercise, the butterfly pose (also known as “Baddha Konasana”) is sure to do the trick.

When a woman does the butterfly pose, she builds the strength in her knees, groin and inner thighs. While this yoga position does an excellent job at making you stronger, it also enables you to release any unwanted energy that’s keeping you from experiencing a sense of inner peace. Do you want your eggs stress-free, fried or over-easy?

As an added bonus, research studies show that flexibility can increase the functioning of your muscles and reduce the risk of injury — an essential feature for women planning to give birth.

2. Yogini Squat

If you’re wondering how to be fit during pregnancy or perhaps even before you attempt to conceive, you’ll want to focus on toning your body and preparing it for the road of motherhood that lies ahead.

And while you may have heard that squats are great at toning your bottom, they also work wonders when it comes to strengthening your reproductive organs, too. You get a two-for-one special!

Pop a yogini squat! The pelvic floor consists of a network of muscles responsible for strengthening the uterus and keeping your reproductive system in working shape. If your uterus isn’t in optimal form, it may impact your chances of getting pregnant with little effort and decrease your odds of recovering that strength after birth.

Not only will doing a yogini squat strengthen these vital muscles, but it will boost circulation to your reproductive organs, making it easier for you to ovulate and conceive.

3. Inhale Warrior Pose

If you’ve ever owned a yoga DVD, we’re betting the cover had at least one woman with a leg bent forward and her arms reaching up to the sky as she stood firm in a warrior pose — making you wish you could do the same posture, too.

Not only does this position make you feel like a badass warrior, but it also is a great way to find a sense of inner strength during the first few minutes of your yoga workout, too. There’s nothing quite like getting in touch with your inner trooper to prepare you for the road of pregnancy that lies ahead.

The inhale warrior is one of those yoga poses for ovulation that increases your endorphins and helps your blood flow with much more ease. If a hormonal imbalance or stress is disrupting your cycle, doing this pose on your deck in the morning can help get you back on your fertility track.

4. The Cat Pose

Known by some as “Marjariasana,” the cat pose not only sounds like a fun way to delve into yoga, but it’s also a useful beginner-level pose for women looking to increase their fertility, too. Meow!

Aside from stretching your shoulders and back, this trusted yoga pose also helps provide the proper blood flow to your pelvic area, increasing your chances of ovulating with success. The cat pose is so effective because the stimulated oxygen and blood in the uterus and ovaries help eggs reach the fallopian tubes, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

5. The Bridge Pose

You likely did the bridge pose as a kid while tumbling around on your living room floor, but it may be even more critical to get in this position during your childbearing years. It might not look pretty right away, but the future is all about the push. Get it?

Yoga poses for ovulation should center on providing your reproductive organs with just the right circulation and energy. When you get in position for the bridge pose, blood flows more readily to the uterus and ovaries. This can provide you with the optimal benefits the yoga for regular ovulation offers!

Best of all, you’ll feel a sense of relief once you let go of your pose. There’s no better feeling than being relaxed and at ease when trying to conceive.

6. Bee Breath

Studies have linked stress to infertility, and, as you try to build a family, the last thing you want is your mental state to affect your ability to have children. Fortunately, many yogis swear by bee breaths — the focused respiration helps to banish anxiety, and the rest of the worries pent up inside of your mind. By releasing them, your body will fall out of the stressed state that could very well be preventing you from conceiving.

The bee breath is a convenient way to diffuse stress, too — you can perform them anywhere. Quietly sit down, close your eyes and place your fingertips on the cartilage of your ears. Take a deep breath in and, as you breathe out, press lightly on your upper ears to push them forward. As you breathe, make a humming noise like the insect that inspired the name of this pose. Repeat six to seven times and see how much more relaxed you feel.

7. Paschimottanasana and Hastapadasana

Paschimottanasana and Hastapadasana are extra-long ways of saying “seated forward bend” and “standing forward bend,” respectively. Both moves prove invaluable to women trying to stoke ovulation and conceive a baby.

In the seated forward bend — hands touching your feet, face and back as down and as flat as possible — your position will help to stimulate your ovaries. Plus, it will help stretch and strengthen the muscles in your hips, hamstrings and lower back. Any pregnant woman will tell you how important it is to have support in those areas as their babies grow.

On your feet for the standing forward bend, you’ll perform much the same motion. Because you’re standing up, though, you will boost your blood flow to both your pelvic area and your nervous system. Hastapadasana also improves the flexibility of your spinal cord, which will only come in handy once you start carrying an unborn baby around.

8. Cobra Pose

Lay on your stomach before pressing your upper body upward, the weight of the movement held firmly in your hands. This is the cobra pose, a simple stance that can get hormones pumping — great news if you’re trying to get pregnant. It works for aspiring moms because it both strengthens the back and, at the same time, stokes the production of all the hormones you need before conception.

In fact, the list of cobra pose-related benefits goes on to include improved mood, spine strength, digestion improvement and decreased lower-back stiffness. Having your body feel its best pre-baby will only make pregnancy better for both of you.

9. Shoulder Stand

Standing on your hands can be a tough move for even the most seasoned yogi. But the shoulder stand allows you to balance on a much stabler section of the body, thus making it possible for less experienced stretchers to hit this pose — and reap its benefits.

As you balance on your shoulders, back straight, legs in the air, you’ll be stimulating the thyroid. This gland can affect a woman’s fertility, so boosting it and keeping it healthy will only improve the chances you can conceive. To that end, you can hit a shoulder stand or even the legs-up-the-wall pose after sex to boost the chances of conception. By keeping your legs up, you keep sperm close to the uterus and increase the chances that it will attach to a mature egg, thus starting the pregnancy process.

Yoga Poses for Ovulation — Vital Parts of the Workout Plan

Whether you’re pregnant, trying to conceive or merely want to keep your reproductive organs healthy for future childbearing, it’s essential to remain healthy to look out for your current and future self. The idea of using yoga poses to get pregnant may seem odd, but evidence backs its benefits! So yoga for healthy reproductive system function is absolutely something you may want to work into your regular routine.

When you set aside a few minutes each day to uplift your mind and improve your body, you may find you have an easier time achieving your goals — getting pregnant included!

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