7 Long-Distance Date Ideas

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Tuesday August 18, 2020

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If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you already know how hard it can be to connect with your significant other. Sure, you text and call each other Sometimes, though, you want something a little more romantic. Thanks to modern technology, there are now countless ways to virtually connect with your partner.

Below you’ll find a few long-distance date night ideas, all of which you can do over video chat.

1. Stargaze and Chat

No matter how far you and your partner are from each other, you’ll still be looking up at the same moon. Spend some time taking comfort in this and go stargazing together. Simply lay a blanket out in your backyard and call up your love. Point out planets, constellations and shooting stars as you both take in the night sky from your corner of the world. You might even download a stargazing app to spot satellites.

2. Go on a Virtual Dinner Date

Put on your suit and tie or little black dress and have a fancy dinner date. Cook the same recipe over Skype as you both sip a glass of wine or order the same kind of take-out. Then, light some candles and enjoy your dinner and the conversation. You might just forget your partner isn’t actually sitting across the table from you.

3. Watch a Movie

If you and your partner’s ideal date includes going to the movie theater and digging your hands into some buttery popcorn, try doing the same virtually. Simply hop on Skype, pick out a movie or television show together and press play at the same time. Keep your phone in front of you so that you can see each other’s’ reactions to different parts of the film, and don’t forget that bag of popcorn!

4. Get Artsy

Pull out your paintbrushes, paints and easel and prepare to get artsy. Video chat while you each paint your own canvas or watch Bob Ross and try to follow along. You might also try a couple’s painting project where each of you paints half a heart or half of a landscape. This way, when you close the distance and move in together, your paintings will fit together just as you two do.

5. Plan a Trip Together

You may not be able to see each other right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the time you’ll have together eventually. Spend an evening planning a vacation or trip. The destination can be as far away as Paris or as close as your nearest campground. Finalize your plans by booking your plane tickets or buying travel backpacks. Then, continue to look forward to the fun times you’ll soon have together.

6. Game Online

Are you and your significant other avid gamers? Try an online gaming date night. Strap on your headset and converse while you play Fortnight or Call of Duty. If you’d rather play board games, try the online version of Scrabble, Dominoes, Yahtzee, Chess or Checkers. Of course, the experience will be a little different than if you were sitting across the table from them, but it works.

7. Start a Book Club

Another fun idea is to start your own two-person book club. During the week, read up to a certain point in the same book. Then, when you meet virtually for date night, discuss the plot or share what you learned. Your partner might have thought of or noticed something you may have missed, so listen closely. Take turns choosing new books after you’ve finally read the last page.

Staying Connected

Regardless of what your virtual date night looks like, it’s important that you regularly schedule time to be together. Of course, you might not always have the time or energy to paint or make a three-course meal — and that’s okay. On these nights, a simple conversation recounting your day will certainly suffice. Just be sure to stay connected and, remember, this time apart won’t last forever, so keep your chin up!

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