Online Therapy Can Be an Effective First Step in Self Care

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday August 19, 2020

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Reaching out and making an effort to get help when you’re struggling or looking to grow in your mental health is a big step. It means that you’re taking the initiative to practice self care, and that’s something to be proud of. You might be swimming in options and resources, or you might be lost with no idea where to begin.

Sometimes, finding an in-person mental health professional to consult can feel like too much too quickly. It can mean time, money and emotional labor that you’re unfamiliar with spending. If this sounds like the case, online therapy could be a great solution for you. 

Online therapy can be a great first step in getting the care you need. If you’re ready to find some help, online resources can feel more like a step than a giant leap, which could be exactly what you need to eventually prepare for larger acts of self care. Perhaps you’ll even discover that these practices meet your needs better than traditional mental health services. 


Online therapy is generally much more accessible than in-person therapy. If you happen to have a medical condition or physical disability that makes it difficult to leave your house, online therapy is a much easier option than taking the time and effort out of your day to see a therapist in person.

If you live in a remote location, online therapy also poses benefits. Going for online options can help you find more comfortable and specialized care without having to travel long distances. 

The bottom line is no matter who you are — even if you’re able-bodied and live in a city with resources that you could use — turning to your phone or laptop takes much less effort than going out to meet with someone in their office or practice. This setup can make it easier to get the care you need, even if your obstacles are things like a busy schedule or a lull in motivation.


One of the main reasons that people tend to avoid therapy is the financial burden it sometimes poses. There are plenty of online therapy options that are affordable and don’t require insurance, as a lack of coverage can be an obstacle for people seeking therapy.

Often, sites operate on a membership basis and charge a weekly or monthly fee, which you can cancel at any time. 


Online therapy allows you to take the steps of self-care on your own. Signing up for services online and accessing that care in the comfort of your own home is a much easier and more seamless introduction to the world of therapy. 

If you’ve never gone to therapy before, it can feel like a daunting and complicated process to find a traditional therapist and get the ball rolling, but online services are able to do some of that legwork for you so there’s less to worry about and you can focus on you.


One of the beauties of online therapy is that it can appear like a halfway point between traditional therapy and nothing at all, which is often accurate. If your eventual goal is traditional therapy or other forms of self-care you may not be ready for, online therapy gives you the space to grow.

Online therapy can be a more passive, mild start to making decisions for your own self betterment. When you take those steps, it can introduce you to other healthy behaviors and push you to make habits out of them.

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable therapy option, a more accessible self-care situation or want to experiment with taking your first steps into the self-care you know you deserve, giving online therapy a try could be a great option for your situation. 

Reaching out is often one of the hardest parts, and accomplishing that is a huge step in your mental health journey. If you listen to yourself and your needs, you’ll be ready to care for yourself better as time goes on.

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