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Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Tuesday February 21, 2023

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Although many people prefer warm showers, cold ones have lots of benefits. After a day in the sun, a cold shower can feel refreshing while you reap the benefits of it too. Showering at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit may be worth the uncomfortable experience to get the benefits it includes. Here are cold shower benefits for your health.  

1. Increase Circulation 

Cold water puts a strain on your body. Once it feels the freezing water hit it, the first reaction is to move away and flips your body into survival mode. The cold water alerts you and sends your circulatory system a sign to pump more efficiently which causes circulation to improve. 

Circulation is a good thing for your overall health. When the blood flow increases, it warms your core and protects vital organs. You can get the same effects from a ten-minute walk as well.

When there is increased circulation in your body, you may notice that your skin is clear and perkier. Turning the nozzle to cold can help the appearance of your skin if you can make it through the shivers. 

2. Burns Calories  

You should not rely on cold showers to burn calories, but they can help.  Your body’s reaction to the cold water can temporarily rev up your metabolism. As your body fights to keep itself warm, it uses energy and burns additional calories. 

You won’t want to rely on this method to get your dream body, but it can contribute to a couple more calories burned throughout the day. 

3. Improve Immunity and Mental Health  

These icy showers may help you dodge the latest cold if you are prone to getting them. Cold shower benefits include a heightened immune system and make you more resistant to colds since it builds resilience. 

Cold water stimulates the production of chemicals in your brain. Electrical impulses sent from the nerve endings while taking a cold shower can have an antidepressant effect on some people. You should not use a cold shower to deal with serious mental illnesses since it will not do enough to make a significant change. 

4. Improve Hair Health  

Hot showers open the pores in your hair and can strip your hair from the natural oils you have. Cold showers have the opposite effect since it tightens them and retains the oils. The oil in your hair is important to protect it from regular wear and tear. 

Especially if you are prone to dry and brittle hair rinsing off with cold water will be helpful to keep the natural shine and healthy look oils give. 

How to Start Your Cold Shower Journey 

Making the adjustment to turn the water from hot to cold is not going to be pleasant. You will want to start getting the cold shower benefits by making it a gradual process. 

You will need to adjust the temperature to be around forty degrees colder than your original shower. This can feel harsh so get in the shower at the temperature you normally use and slowly start to turn it down. You will only have to be in the cold water for thirty seconds to 3 minutes to get the effects. 

The Bottom Line

Many benefits exist, but a cold shower should not replace more severe issues. They are uncomfortable, but the changes they can make can improve your life in small ways. 

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