How to Use Self-Tanner Lotion, Foam and Mist

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How to Use Self-Tanner Lotion, Foam and Mist
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday July 30, 2020

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If you’re after a warm summer glow, you’ve probably thought about self-tanner as a simple at-home solution. It’s not always easy to apply these products, especially if you’re a beginner! Thankfully, you can avoid those patchy orange streaks that are far too common.

Here are a few tips on how to use self-tanner lotion, foam and mist – or whatever else you have on your shelf.

1. Shave or Wax Legs

You don’t want to shave or wax your legs after you apply the self-tanner. These treatments exfoliate your skin, so there’s a chance that the self-tanner would come off if you shaved or waxed afterward. Plus, it’s always best to have a clean slate so that the self-tanner can stick to your skin more cohesively.

Be sure to shave or wax your legs beforehand. You can wait a day to apply the self-tanner if you’d like – but try not to take too much time if you shave since you’ll have to do so again.

2. Exfoliate Any Rough Patches

After you’ve shaved or waxed, it’s time to further prepare your body for the self-tanner. These products tend to stick to dry spots, especially on your ankles and elbows. That’s why it’s essential to exfoliate these areas before you apply the self-tanner. You should also exfoliate your legs and arms, as well as your face.

For your body, use a sugar scrub that’s coarse enough to slough away any dead skin. You should try an acid-based exfoliant for your face, like an AHA-based toner with glycolic acid. A physical exfoliant isn’t the best choice for a sensitive area like your face.

3. Moisturize Body and Face

Now, you’ll want to moisturize your skin so that it’s not dry. It’s all about balance, as you should be completely dry before you apply the self-tanner. Your skin needs to be soft, especially where you become driest – like on your knees. You should also add a little moisture back to your face.

Apply a light moisturizer to your body and face. The moisturizer you pick should include specific ingredients like glycerin to keep your skin supple for longer. Be sure to focus on points where you notice dry skin. This effort should help the self-tanner stick to your skin without any orange tints or patchy spots.

4. Choose a Good Self-Tanner

It doesn’t necessarily matter which self-tanner you select. You’ll want to try a gradual lotion if you don’t need immediate results. Choose a foam or mousse self-tanner for a product that’s easy to spread. In any case, you’ll want to pick a self-tanner that compliments your skin tone best.

While some people like to start with a darker formula, it’s best to try a self-tanner that’s closer to your original skin tone. If you have lighter skin, choose light to medium. If you have darker skin, try a deeper shade. You can adjust formulas as you become more familiar with self-tanners.

5. Use Proper Application Techniques

Here’s the most crucial step. It’s time to apply the self-tanner, so head to your bathroom. Make sure that you have a mitt to apply lotion or foam products. Otherwise, you’ll stain your hands. You can step inside the shower if you’re about to use a mist.

Apply the self-tanner from bottom to top. Use clean, length-wise strokes to apply the self-tanner from your ankles to your knees and so on. Go with your body’s contours as you reach your torso. You can try an applicator with a handle to apply the product to your back.

Use the residual self-tanner on your mitt to tan your face. Follow the directions on the bottle to ensure that the tan absorbs properly. You’ll want to put on old clothes if you need to sit for a few hours with your tan on your skin. If you notice any mistakes after you’ve applied your tan, it’s best to use a makeup remover wipe to buff away those spots.

Stay moisturized over the next few days to make sure that your tan lasts!

Try These Tips for a Flawless Self-Tan

Try these tips if you want to know how to use self-tanner lotion, foam and mist. With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to achieve a glowy natural look.

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