What to Do With Empty Glass Jars: 10 Creative Ideas

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What to Do With Empty Glass Jars
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday February 11, 2022

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Glass jars are a veritable godsend. You can pick up a pack of 12 for next-to-nothing at nearly any hardware store. However, you probably have a stash you came by honestly for free if you like to burn candles. 

Don’t toss those re-purposeful wonders in the recycling bin! Here are ten creative ideas for what to do with empty glass jars.

1. It’s Electric 

You could scrape wax from multiple near-expired candles to create a new one. However, that approach still leaves you with all the other empty glass jars that you don’t have enough sticky stuff to fill. 

Why not reduce your fire risk while beautifying your home by replacing the real candle with an electric model? You can find inexpensive versions at nearly any retailer. Some come with handy timers and remote controls to preserve battery life. 

2. Delight the Teacher

Teachers have had a rough go of it lately with the pandemic. Why not delight them with a surprise gift — there’s no need to wait for the official appreciation day. 

All you need is some brightly colored wrapping paper and glue to make a handy decorative jar for holding spare pencils and whiteboard markers. You can also cut out the right size piece of paper, have your littles decorate it and affix it for a more personalized gift. 

3. Scrub Your Body 

Spa days are necessary indulgences — especially during a pandemic. You need a way to ease the excess stress of the past two years. 

You can use your empty glass jars to hold your DIY body butters and massage oils. Whip them out and give your partner the look — then rub away each other’s cares with a refreshing back rub. 

4. Make a Vase

If no one has brought you flowers for a while, you might not have the right container when someone finally does. Have no fear if you have some empty glass jars. 

You can decorate your vase dozens of ways. Gluing glass beads to the exterior makes a brilliant suncatcher when placed on a sunny windowsill. Ribbons add a glamorous touch with minimal effort. 

5. Start a Windowsill Garden

Herbs like mint and rosemary grow beautifully in containers. Why not line your kitchen windowsill and add organic flavor and phytonutrients to every meal? 

All you need is a bit of potting mix. Find some that’s meant to encourage rooting, and you might be able to cultivate free plants from a friend’s cuttings. 

6. Make Some NA “Moonshine”

In humankind’s earliest days, they didn’t have fire. However, they still might have enjoyed sipping on more than water. How did they make the magic work? They harnessed the sun’s rays. 

You can learn to make sun tea using your empty glass jars — drink it hot or cold. Why not experiment with using various fruits, not just lemons, to enhance the nutrient content? 

7. Clean “The Cabinet”

Every household has one: the cabinet. You know, the one you hesitate to open because of the flurry of assorted knick-knacks that fall on your head? 

Why not use your empty glass jars to organize that “junk” cabinet once and for all? You’ll find it much more convenient the next time you need a spare battery or rubber band. 

8. Create a Chandelier 

You could spend a small fortune on a glass jar chandelier at department stores. However, you can also DIY with a little expertise. 

You don’t necessarily need to be a welder. A drill and some heavy-duty jute can make a simple  model, no metal work required. 

9. Magnetize Your Storage

Are you into tiny living? It’s gloriously eco-friendly and convenient — until you go to the grocery store, buy cereal, and have zero cabinet space to put the boxes. 

The solution? Attach magnets to empty glass jar lids. Place the cereal (or other dry food) in the vessel and hang it underneath your cabinets. Voila! You’ve saved space and kept your Wheaties fresher. 

10. Save Your Pennies

That spare change in your pocket can add up over time? Instead of letting it become victim to couch-cushion Cookie Monsters, why not save it in a jar? 

If you don’t mind paying the fee, you can use a machine to convert those pennies into convenient cash at nearly any grocery store. However, if you have more time than money, you can get wrappers for free at nearly any bank. 

10 Creative Ideas for What to Do With Empty Glass Jars 

Recycling is cool, but repurposing decreases your carbon footprint even more. Try one of these ten creative ideas for what to do with empty glass jars to put those old candles to their highest and best use. 

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