Health Benefits of Probiotics

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why probiotics are important to health
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday June 14, 2018

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Whenever you casually stroll through the dairy section of your local grocery store, you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by yogurt products that claim to work wonders for your body through the power of probiotics. You may wonder why probiotics are important to health.

The appearance of probiotics doesn’t stop just there. Walk through the medicine aisle and you’ll also find capsules, tablets and even gummies designed to help you get your daily dose of probiotics, too. It seems like advertisers attach mumbo-jumbo health benefits to nearly every ingestible product that lines your local Walmart’s shelves, so what makes probiotics any different?

Fortunately, probiotics are healthy — and they can create a powerful influence on your everyday sense of wellbeing, too. Not convinced? Below, we’ll discuss 5 reasons why you should take a daily probiotic supplement to remain in optimal health.

Maintaining a Balanced Metabolism

We know all too well that keeping a healthy weight isn’t always easy, especially when weight gain results from a slowing metabolism. Even when you cut out fatty foods and enjoy your daily dose of vegetables and fruits, it’s easy to feel defeated when your scale continues to rise.

Unfortunately, a low-metabolism may be the culprit behind your inability to lose — or maintain — your current weight. As women age, their metabolism progressively slows down due to lowered activity, hormonal differences and general body changes.

While the connection between probiotics and metabolism is still in its infancy, research studies produce promising evidence that probiotics can increase your metabolism’s ability to function and lead you to burn more fat. Whenever you feel a pang of hunger, you can enjoy a cup of yogurt — no guilt necessary.

Keeping Your Gut Healthy

You may be tempted to purchase that chocolate chip cookie calling your name at your local café’s front counter, but then you cringe when you think about the gas and bloating you’ll likely experience later. If the fear of an unruly stomach is keeping you from occasionally indulging in the food you love, it may be time to consider enlisting the help of a trusted probiotic.

Whether you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or general stomach discomfort, nothing can put a damper in your plans quite like running to the bathroom mid-conversation every time you go out to eat with friends.

The reason why probiotics are important to health — specifically the well-being of your stomach — can be chalked up to a probiotic’s ability to balance your digestive system effectively. When you make an effort to incorporate probiotic strains into your daily diet, you’ll enjoy finally having a balanced and healthy gut.

Preventing (and Curing) Vaginal Infection

In much the same way that your stomach is a microbiome of healthy bacteria and microorganisms, your vagina is, too. Some of the most common women’s health problems can stem from disruptions in vaginal environments, so it’s crucial to ensure that healthy bacteria thrives in your vaginal area, too.

Did you know that there’s a link between the bacteria that live in your gut and reproductive organs? Although researchers are still exploring the connection, it’s vital to know that — stomach issues aside — probiotics play a crucial role in promoting female health.

You can support your urinary and vaginal health while promoting a healthy yeast balance by merely keeping your vaginal microbiome in equilibrium. When you want to endorse the production of healthy vaginal flora, a probiotic is likely to do the trick.

Supporting Your Inner Peace

One of the many reasons why probiotics are important to health can be traced to their ability to influence the body’s various systems and networks. While it’s widely known that this trusted ally can work wonders for your stomach, did you know it can help you maintain a healthy emotional state, too?

While many people are aware of probiotics’ healing stomach properties, they don’t realize that the gut-hormone connection can directly impact how they think and feel, too.

When you maintain a healthy microbiome, you’re much more likely to enjoy a hormonal balance than those who do not. What does this mean for you concerning mental health? Healthy gut bacteria supports hormone and physiological process stabilization, positively impacting your psychological processing and mood.

If you’re looking to enjoy greater peace throughout the day, probiotics may just do the trick.

Replenishing Your Immune System

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s no wonder people feel run down so often. Whether you toss and turn throughout the night or experience too much stress, the hectic nature of everyday life is undeniably one of the most common causes of low energy in females and males alike, and can compromise our autoimmune health.

That means you don’t have to possess an underlying autoimmune disorder to experience a weakened immune system. Something as simple as stress can impact your immune system’s ability to ward off infection.

While you should always look to reduce stress triggers in your life, you’ll want to enlist the help of a supplement, too. Probiotics will be just the trusted ally you need. Evidence suggests that the production of healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes keep your immune system healthy by filling your body with the good bacteria it needs.

It’s even more crucial to get your daily dose of probiotics when your system is at risk for a weakened immune system to ensure your body is healthy and ready to ward off any potential illnesses or sicknesses that come your way.

Why Probiotics Are Important to Health

While it’s important to understand why probiotics are important to health, it’s crucial to take action and incorporate them into your daily routine, too.

The next time you take a bite of sauerkraut or dig your spoon into a creamy bowl of Greek yogurt, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a spoonful of these powerful bacteria may hold the secret to a stronger and more powerful you.

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