8 Winter Workouts At Home

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Tuesday February 11, 2020

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You’re ready to hit the gym! Your bag is packed and you’ve got a great attitude to carry you through any tough exercises. You walk to the door and — uh-oh — there’s snow everywhere you look. You need to know how to complete winter workouts at home just in case you can’t make it out the door.

It’s a winter wonderland out there! And that wonderland just stole any motivation you had to go to the gym. But just because you don’t want to or can’t leave your house, that doesn’t mean your muscles should lose out on a day of exercise. That’s why we’re providing you with eight amazing winter workouts you can do at home, no equipment necessary!

8 Winter Workouts For At-Home Downtime

Our list provides exercises that target every muscle group, from your legs to your abs to your back. It’s your one-stop shop for great winter workouts at home!

1. Cardio

When we think about cardio, we often think about running and all the sweat that comes with it. But maybe you don’t own a treadmill, and that dreaded winter wonderland won’t let you get out there and hit the pavement. What now? Luckily for you, there are alternatives to running that get your heart rate going just as much.

In the warmth of your home, try out some of these great alternatives that are guaranteed to get you sweating and your heart pumping:

  • Climbing steps
  • Jumping jacks 
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Burpees
  • Jumping rope
  • High knees

With these exercises, you’ll never have to let that winter weather stop your workouts again!

2. Arms

Our arms can be a challenging muscle group to hit when we don’t have the equipment provided by the gym. But it doesn’t have to be! With this short-but-challenging 10-minute arms workout from FitFusion trainer Kenta Seki, you can get an amazing workout without any extra weights or machines. All you need is your body and a winning mindset!

This at-home winter workout consists of five different exercises:

  • Plank-ups
  • Lateral plank walks
  • Burpees with strict push-ups
  • Planks with shoulder taps
  • Diamond push-ups

All of these are intended to be done for 10 repetitions, three times each, in a 10-minute time limit with no breaks. But don’t be afraid to take them if needed. Remember to listen to your body and slow down the pace when needed! Don’t forget to check out the full 10-Minute Arm Workout from Kenta Seki.

3. Upper Body

Looking for a workout that sculpts more than just your arms? This 20-minute, seven-exercise upper body workout is bound to get your muscles working! Created by Los Angeles trainer Jeanette Soloma, this workout is perfect for when you’re stuck inside on those snowy or just-plain-cold winter days.

Soloma’s circuit of seven exercises includes:

  • Push-ups
  • Knee-ups
  • Goal post press
  • Jumping jacks
  • Upper bells
  • Jab/cross
  • Planks with crossover

Just do the circuit of seven exercises along with Soloma two times and you’re well on your way to a stronger upper body!

4. Abs

Six-pack abs aren’t strictly for the summer, right? I didn’t think so! Your abs can look shredded even in the dead of winter with this at-home workout created by CorePower Yoga. Yes — we did say “yoga!”

Not only will you be able to sculpt those abs of yours, but you’ll also be able to practice some mindful breathing with this yoga routine. It’s a two-for-one!

This workout includes 17 different yoga moves such as butterfly crunches and frog crunches. Sounds interesting, right? And all you need is a yoga block or something blockish and lightweight. So what are you waiting for?

Check out the full yoga core workout and get your abs burning today.

5. Lower Abs

Hitting your main abs and obliques can be an easy task, but the real struggle is hitting those pesky lower abs that just never seem to change. That’s exactly what our next at-home winter workout is going to target!

Created by YouTube’s MadFit, this 10-minute intense lower ab workout is intended to get your lower abs working just as hard as the rest of your body. And the best part is there’s no equipment needed!

MadFit explains just how to engage those lower abs and they walk you through every exercise along the way. It’ll feel like you have a trainer right there in the room with you! Tackle this intense lower ab workout as many times as you like for maximum effectiveness!

6. Butt

Butt. Booty. It seems like everyone in fitness is always talking about the Gluteus Maximus. But for good reason! It’s a big part of leg workouts, as well as keeping a strong back. So why not work it out to your heart’s content, even on a snowy day?

This area of the body is easy to target even with no weights or equipment. And that is exactly what this next winter workout does in the comfort of your home.

The Booty Boot Camp, created by Fitness Blender, consists of seven different exercises done for 14 repetitions three times through. It’s intended to take 30 minutes, but feel free to take breaks as necessary. There’s no rush!

7. Legs

Along with your booty, your legs are also a big part of a healthy and strong body. And just like your butt, they can be targeted at home without any equipment.

Known for their short, eight-minute workouts, 8fit provides all sorts of at-home workouts that can get you feeling productive and confident. Their eight-minute leg workout is what we’re focused on today.

This workout consists of four easy exercises:

  • Lunges
  • Squat jumps
  • Skater lunges
  • Calf raises

Each of these is performed for 30 seconds and then repeated in a cycle for eight minutes. Voilà! You have yourself a great 8-minute, at-home winter workout that tackles all of the large muscles in your legs.

8. Full-Body

We’ve reached the end of our list. One final workout! This last winter workout for at home is for those of you who want to tackle the whole body and not just one part of it in your workout. Look at you go!

Our final workout comes from Kelsey Wells, Sweat trainer and founder of the PWR workout programs. Her 30-minute workout consists of four exercises that can be done with or without dumbbells. These exercises are:

  • Reverse lunges
  • Bicep curl to shoulder press
  • Sumo squats
  • Tricep push-ups

Wells recommends three to four sets, with each exercise done for 10 to 12 repetitions. Check out her video and feel that Kelsey Wells full-body workout experience for yourself!

Enjoy Your Winter Workouts At Home

Now that you have all of these amazing winter workouts to do at home, you can get started! Remember to listen to your body, take breaks and, most of all, feel the burn while staying out of that winter weather! When your body feels like it can’t take anymore, take a rest day to let your muscles repair themselves so they’ll be ready to go the next time you work out.

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