10 Outdoor Mindfulness Activities to Enjoy This Summer

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Sunday August 30, 2020

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Mindfulness can make you more appreciative of each passing moment. During stressful times, the practice can stop the endless parade of racing thoughts that keeps you dwelling in the past or unknown future. 

You might think that you need to sit in a meditation or yoga studio. However, that idea is untrue — you can start a mindful practice anytime, anywhere. Here are 10 mindfulness activities that you can do outside to enjoy the summer warmth. 

1. Plant a Garden 

Gardening is mindful from start to finish. If you have ever nurtured a sprout from a seed, you know you can spend pleasant hours contemplating the life cycle. 

If you take up this outdoor mindfulness activity, you’ll be in good company. Farmers now face a seed shortage due to the number of folks adopting the hobby during the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, if you join a neighborhood exchange, you can find species that thrive in your region. 

2. Study Local Flora 

You’ve heard the cliché — stop and smell the roses. Did you know that doing so qualifies as a mindfulness activity? You can locate a nearby botanical garden and study the species labeled. You can also explore the varieties that sprout along roadways. You’d be surprised how much food you can forage from an unsprayed patch of “waste” area. 

3. Eat Fresh Berries 

Summertime is the berry season — why not make eating the freshest fruit in town a mindful experience? Pluck a bucketful and eat them one at a time. As you do, examine the texture with your tongue. As you take each bite, savor the juice and flavor. Imagine the potent antioxidants infusing every cell with healing phytonutrients. 

4. Take a Mindful Walk 

Walking is a fabulous exercise for your body. Make it do double-duty for your mind by making it an outdoor mindfulness activity. As you take each step, pay attention to the lifting and lowering of your foot. How does the ground feel under your feet? Start at your natural pace — do you tend to move briskly or slowly? 

5. Stop and Listen 

Sounds constantly bombard your ears, making you miss pleasures like the sound of singing birds. Go outside in your backyard or patio and listen to what you hear. If you live in an urban setting, head to the nearest park for this activity. See how many noises you notice that frequently escape your attention. 

6. Go on “Safari” With Your Kids 

Children benefit from mindfulness, too, but you need to introduce the practice in age-appropriate ways. One method is to go on a safari with your children by heading to your nearest park or nature center and identifying as many plants and animals as possible. When it comes to the critter kingdom, observe their behavior. What can you infer about the way they act? 

7. Build a Birdhouse 

If you are a handy sort, you can take your mind off your worries by building a birdhouse. Focus on your intention when you do everything from buying the wood to assembling the pieces. Imagine the joy your feathered friends will feel when discovering this cozy abode to make their winter home. 

8. Practice Yoga Outdoors 

Do you love yoga for the mind-body experience? Why not take your practice outdoors for a new twist, pun slightly intended? If it’s hot and humid where you are, you can recreate the Bikram experience. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stave off dehydration — some holistic practitioners believe sweating removes toxins from your body. 

9. Make Cloud Animals 

Remember when you were a child and would while away hours making cloud animals with your friends? No law says that you can’t recapture the magic as an adult. Take a blanket out to a pristine field and lie back on the soft grass. If you like, you can pack a picnic lunch and make an afternoon of it. 

10. Soak up the Sun 

You know that you shouldn’t sunbathe if you want to prevent skin cancer. However, some sun exposure benefits you — it helps your body produce vitamin D naturally. Take a few minutes to step outside and turn your face upward. Savor the sensation of the warmth on your skin. 

Practice These 10 Outdoor Activities to Become More Mindful This Summer 

If you want to re-energize your practice this summer, why not take things outside? These 10 outdoor mindfulness activities can help you stay centered and balanced while cultivating a sense of inner peace. 

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