Healthy Spaghetti: 11 Recipes That Improve on the Original

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Healthy Spaghetti
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday November 19, 2021

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Are you looking for bold new ways to improve a classic dish? Perhaps no meal offers more versatility than pasta. 

Noodles represent the ultimate comfort food for many. However, a heaping serving of traditional fettuccine alfredo can quickly have you moving up to the next pants size. Here are 11 recipes that take the conventional spaghetti dinner to new, healthier heights, reducing calories and fat while increasing flavor. 

The Noodles 

The part about pasta that spikes your glycemic index is the noodles. Most traditional varieties use all-purpose flour, which can be problematic for two reasons. The first is that such meals spike your glycemic index due to the rapid absorption of simple carbohydrates. 

Another issue is alloxan, a chemical byproduct created during the bleaching process. Scientists use this substance to induce diabetes in laboratory animals. When you combine it with the fast-absorbing carbohydrates, you have a recipe for the Type 2 form of the disease. 

Fortunately, you have a host of noodle alternatives. Spiralized vegetables mark one choice, while healthy spaghetti noodles made from an alternative flour represent a second route, as you can see in the following recipes. 

1. Zoodles With Marinara: Zucchini pasta has the lowest glycemic index of several alternatives. This recipe has few calories but is huge on flavor and phytonutrients. 

2. 6-Ingredient Butternut Squash Recipe: Butternut squash is yet another veggie you can spiralize as a noodle alternative to cut carbs. You’ll adore how easy this recipe is to make with ingredients you likely have in your kitchen. 

3. Pasta Carbonara With Cabbage and Mushrooms: Chickpea pasta has a light, nutty taste that cuts carbs, adds protein and fiber and puts an interesting twist on your healthy spaghetti night. The cabbage and mushrooms in this dish balance the flavor palette perfectly. 

4. Quinoa Pasta With Spinach and Tomatoes: Can you get everything you need in one plant-based meal? You nearly can with this quinoa pasta, an ancient grain that’s safe for most people with gluten intolerances. It contains high protein levels, and spinach and tomatoes complete the amino acid profile. 

The Sauce 

Your choice of sauce can add hefty calories to your pasta dish — or scarcely any at all. You can whip up many healthy spaghetti alternatives with little more than garlic and olive oil. However, these three choices will delight nearly every palette in your family. 

1. Vegan Garlic Alfredo Sauce: Are you looking for a meatless Monday favorite? This vegan garlic alfredo sauce is so creamy that you won’t miss the real cheese. 

2. Easy Low-Fat Marinara Sauce: Tomatoes don’t contain any fat at all — it’s possible to make a quick pasta topping with them alone and a few basil leaves. The dash of olive oil helps this sauce stick to your noodles and leave you feeling satisfied. 

3. Skinny Italian Meatballs: What if you want a bit of protein with your pasta? These skinny Italian meatballs use ground turkey instead of beef or pork to keep them lean and mean. 

The Accompaniments 

A traditional healthy spaghetti dinner isn’t complete without some crusty bread and a nice salad on the side. The following recipes can make these classic accompaniments better suited for the fit crowd. 

1. 3-Minute Skinny Caesar Dressing: Classic caesar dressing drips with calories. However, this version weighs in at only 52 calories per serving, so you can feel good about ladling it over your lettuce. 

2. Sprouted Wheat French Bread: Sprouting your wheat or other grains improves the overall nutrient profile, adding needed protein. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it’s an easy way to increase your intake. 

3. Amaranth Bread With Pepitas and Walnuts: However, you might need to avoid wheat protein if you have a sensitivity. Amaranth is an ancient grain that is safe for most people who have an intolerance. The pepitas and walnuts add extra filling protein and a nutty flavor. 

The Toppings 

There’s no need to keep your healthy spaghetti dinner naked on top. You can add some fresh ground herbs from your windowsill garden or even a few chopped vegetables for extra flavor. 

Parmesan cheese traditionally tops a pasta dish. However, you can also whip up this easy vegan parmesan cheese in minutes. It’s smart to have on hand when you have visitors who follow the lifestyle — or you simply want more meatless Monday seasonings at your table. 

Make Your Spaghetti Healthier With These 11 Recipes 

Classic pasta dishes often come laden with a side of blood sugar woes or fattening sauces. However, you can make healthy spaghetti with the 11 above recipes. 

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