9 Best Ways to Lose the Quarantine 15

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday August 28, 2020

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Did you gain the dreaded “quarantine 15?” You aren’t alone, but that knowledge probably provides cold comfort. 

However, diets aren’t fun, and with all the uncertainty remaining, you don’t want to put yourself under such unnecessary stress. Are there any effortless ways to lose the quarantine 15? The techniques below can help you shed pounds without depriving yourself. 

1. Drink Plenty of Water 

According to Alissa Rumsey of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, dehydration often parades as hunger, prompting you to eat when you need fluids. The confusion happens when your hypothalamus confuses the two sensations. 

If you wait until you feel thirsty to sip, you could fall prey to snacking. Instead, keep a water bottle by you at all times. If you aren’t drinking throughout the day, try setting an alert on your phone to remind you. 

2. Limit Consumption of Other Beverages 

Are you one of the many who increased their consumption of adult beverages during the pandemic? If you did, don’t beat yourself up — but do cut down on the sauce. 

When you drink alcohol regularly, your body begins using acetate as a primary fuel source before absorbing the nutrients from what you eat. Plus, it contains empty calories. As a result, you still feel hungry and consume too much. Plus, that morning-after fatty breakfast remedy isn’t shrinking your waistline. 

3. Use Smaller Plates 

Your eye tends to measure portions by the size of your plate. Therefore, if you use enormous platters, you won’t feel satisfied unless you fill them. Try using dinnerware to serve your meals, telling yourself that you can go back for seconds if you don’t feel full. The act of physically retrieving more gives you pause — time for your stomach to recognize that it isn’t growling. 

4. Learn Portion Sizes 

If you’ve relied on restaurant takeout for sustenance, you might unwittingly consume far more calories than intended. Portion sizes have increased significantly as competition drives chefs to provide more bang for your buck. Print out a serving sizes chart and hang it on your refrigerator. When DoorDash or Grubhub rings your doorbell, measure out a reasonable amount and save the rest. 

5. Switch to Lighter Substitutions 

You can enjoy more of the fattening dishes you adore without adding notches to your belt by learning low-calorie substitutions. Here are some suggestions for slashing your caloric intake without sacrificing flavor: 

  • Use egg substitutes instead of eggs: Substitutes contain less than half the calories.
  • Try fat-free milk in recipes: You can shave 60 calories by replacing a cup of fat-free milk for whole. 
  • Substitute monk fruit powder for sugar: Monk fruit powder comes from the plant. While you will need to adjust the amount you use — it’s sweeter than sugar — it’s healthier than artificial replacements. 
  • Replace butter with applesauce: If you use baking to cope with quarantine, you can save considerable calories by swapping butter for applesauce.

6. Eat More Vegetables 

Nearly everyone benefits from consuming more vegetables. They’re low in calories naturally, but they provide a ton of nutrients. When you sit down to dinner, think of your plate as a clock. Fill 30 minutes of it with colorful corn, peppers and greens. Add broccoli or onions to your morning omelet, and tuck some swiss chard or arugula in your lunchtime wrap. 

7. Up Your Protein Consumption 

Protein is an appetite-controlling powerhouse. According to one study published in the National Library of Medicine, women who upped their intake of this macronutrient to 30% of their diet from 15% consumed 441 fewer calories daily. 

If you consume meat, you can get a complete protein source from a piece of fish. However, if you practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you need to eat the right combination of foods to meet your needs. Try combining grains or nuts and seeds with legumes to get all the amino acids you need. 

8. Eat Mindfully 

Do you snack while you watch TV or take your cellphone to the dinner table? If so, you could unwittingly consume more calories than intended because you aren’t paying attention to your body’s cues. 

Try paying more careful attention to when you feel full by eating mindfully. Unplug for meals, and savor the flavors on your tongue. Put your fork down between bites, and enjoy some conversation. It’s how folks in other nations enjoy 3-hour meals without tipping the scales. 

9. Move Your Body More 

Eating right is the most significant component of weight loss, but you need to exercise to keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders. Fortunately, you don’t have to train for a marathon or do HIIT classes every day. Doing so could unwittingly hinder your weight-loss progress by increasing your cortisol production. 

Instead, thrive for 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each day. Take a walk after meals or tune into a free cardio dance workout on YouTube. Activities like gardening or house cleaning also count as workouts if you move vigorously enough. 

Lose the Quarantine 15 Effortlessly With These Tips 

You can lose the quarantine 15 without going on a stressful, restrictive diet. Use the nine tips above to shed pounds effortlessly and get back to your old self. 

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