When to Use a Beauty Blender Or Brush

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday January 27, 2023

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There is controversial talk about if a beauty blender, brush, or even fingers is the best way to apply makeup. Before picking up your go-to choice, consider the products you are using and what you hope the end result looks like. Each one can help you achieve a different look based on your preferences. Here is how to tell when to use a beauty blender or brush.

Using a Beauty Blender

The beauty blender is the way to go if you want a flawless and natural finish. The coverage is buildable and sits effortlessly on the skin. To get the best results, always wet your sponge before you use it so the product gets distributed evenly while applying. 

Beauty blenders are great for liquid products and setting powders. It may be challenging to use for smaller face areas, like on your eyes. It does a great job blending in cream contour, blush or highlighter.

How to Apply Foundation With a Beauty Blender

  1. Apply a moisturizer. This gives your skin a hydrated base to put makeup on.
  2. Apply sunscreen. Protect your skin under the foundation you apply, even if there is SPF in the product.
  3. Apply a primer where needed. Add primer to spots makeup that seems to come off throughout the day or where your skin problems occur.
  4. Wet the sponge. Once you get your sponge wet, make sure to ring out excess water before applying makeup
  5. Apply product directly to face. You can save more product when putting your foundation directly to your skin to avoid the sponge absorbing it directly.
  6. Use gentle patting motions. Do not wipe the product across your face. Instead use small patting movements to press the foundation into your skin. 

There is an obvious pro that beauty blenders blend makeup beautifully. They do not leave behind streaks and allows less foundation use to the seamlessly blended coverage. If you have dry skin, a beauty blender is one of the great benefits of wearing makeup since brush bristles could create flaky-looking skin. 

There are some disadvantages when applying with a beauty blender. It does take more time to apply due to the small movements and patting motions. It also allows you to use less product, so working with lighter coverage could cause the opposite effect of using more product. They also should be cleaned every other use, which is another time-consuming activity. 

Using Brushes 

Brushes are used for a more precise application. They are great to use in areas like your eyes, where you need to concentrate on smaller areas. You’ll want to keep a light grip while applying the product so that it can blend easily. 

If you want to use a brush for the foundation, it will give you a more airbrushed look. If you like doll-like smooth skin, a brush might be right for you. They are also easier to use if you prefer powder foundation over liquid. If you have sensitive skin a brush could be the best way to apply makeup. They are easier to clean and don’t risk transferring bacteria. 

The downside to brushes is that although they don’t need to be cleaned as often, the cleanser for it can be a bit expensive. If you take this route, be sure you can care for your brushes. There is also always a risk of streaky lines on your face, which can make your makeup look unnatural. 

The Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong answer on how to apply your makeup. Everyone has different skin and preferences to the look of the makeup you apply. Use whatever is more comfortable for you and practice to make it perfect. 

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