How to Get Beautifully Soft Eyebrows

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Tuesday July 21, 2020

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These days, it’s more popular than ever to sport soft, bushy eyebrows. After model Cara Delevingne made these eyebrows a popular runway trend a few years ago, it’s become a common trend to embrace a thick look. But how do you achieve those feathered eyebrows if they aren’t natural?

Here are a few tips on how to get soft eyebrows.

Use Maintenance Tools Correctly

Before you grab an eyebrow pencil or gel, it’s important to learn how to care for your eyebrows. In theory, we all know how to use a tweezer. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get a little carried away – and when you overpluck, it’s game over. That’s why you need to learn how to use your tools correctly! This way, you can manage your eyebrows with ease.

You should never pluck your eyebrows at the top or the tail – and it takes some time to fix your over-plucked eyebrows if you accidentally head down that road. You can use a tweezer on any strays that grow underneath your eyebrows’ arches. After, you can grab a spoolie brush to sweep the hair upward.

This routine can help you prevent thin, bare eyebrows.

Try More Biotin-Rich Foods

You should try biotin-rich foods for added hair growth if your eyebrows look a little sparse. As a B vitamin, biotin works to prevent hair loss and support healthy skin and nails. Though it’ll take a while for you to see results, it’s an adequate dermatologist-recommended way to manage hair growth. Plus, it’s easy to consume.

You can ingest biotin through foods like eggs, broccoli and fish. It’s also possible to take a daily supplement if you’d like to benefit from other vitamins. You should talk to your doctor if you don’t notice any results.

Use Oils for Moisture

If your eyebrows are rough or coarse, it’s likely that they could use a little moisture. A simple remedy for this problem would be to use a hydrating oil, like castor oil or argan oil. These products can help your eyebrows stay soft and fluffy. You shouldn’t expect any oils to promote hair growth, as there isn’t any scientific evidence behind those claims.

You can apply your chosen oil however you please. Feel free to rub it into your eyebrows with your hands or apply it with a clean spoolie brush. Either way, it’s smart to incorporate this process into your bedtime routine.

Master Proper Beauty Techniques

It’s possible to mimic the soft and bushy eyebrow look with a few simple beauty tricks. The correct technique can be the difference between unsightly and attractive eyebrows. If you choose to use an eyebrow pencil, you’ll want to do so with quick, upward motions to fill any bare spots. Otherwise, you won’t be able to mimic how your hairs would look naturally.

You can then define your eyebrow shape with a faint line around your eyebrow. Run a spoolie brush through your eyebrows to blur out the lines enough so that they look normal. You should use an eyebrow gel to set your eyebrows once you’ve achieved your ideal look.

Follow These Steps to Learn How to Get Soft Eyebrows

It’s easier than you think to achieve full eyebrows. With these tricks, you can learn how to get soft eyebrows.

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