Getting an Undercut With Curly Hair: Styles and Care

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday July 29, 2022

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Thick or thin, curly hair can be challenging to manage. It can be even harder to deal with once the temperature starts to climb. Curly girls need a better solution than thinning out their locks — and an undercut with curly hair might be your answer.

These cuts are a hot new trend that could perfectly suit your needs. Here is the place to learn about some different undercut styles and how to care for them.

The Styles of Undercut

There are two different ways you can get an undercut — on the sides or at the nape of your neck. For both options, you can choose how far you want to cut. Some people have a slight trim and others shave the entire side of their head. While you might have a bit of proficiency with hair-cutting scissors, a professional hairdresser can do the best job of styling your new ‘do.

There are some gorgeous designs you can incorporate into your new style. Using a razor, a stylist can create living art with your hair, going as edgy or subtle as you would like. They’re an incredible addition to an already bold look that can catch your eye whenever you look in the mirror.

You can easily pull off an undercut with any hair length. If you want it to be prominent, add a pixie cut to your look and keep your curls bouncy with a steady hair care regimen. For those who want to keep their strands long, an undercut can give you some much-needed relief from the heat and putting it up will add a touch of flare to your ponytail or bun.

How to Care for an Undercut With Curly Hair

Since the undercut is so short, it will require little maintenance. It could grow out quite quickly, depending on how fast your hair grows. While a longer undercut is certainly a great look, the closely buzzed look might be what you’re going for.

You do have the option of going back and forth to the salon each time you want your undercut touched up. If you have a design in it, this might even be a good idea since someone without experience might accidentally create one of their own. However, if you don’t have any delicate details, just put your hair up with a good hair tie and use a razor to trim it.

Also called clippers and trimmers, an electric razor for hair can help you pull off the look you’re going for. Put up your hair, start shaving from the bottom of your hairline and work your way up — or have a friend do the same if your undercut is in the back. Be sure to use a guard to help prevent any injuries as well.

If this is your first time using a guard, start with one that takes off less hair. Once you see how much hair it takes off, you can judge if you want the cut closer or if it’s achieving what you want. You can always take off more hair, but you can’t put what you’ve cut back on. Get your undercut back to your desired length but be cautious about cutting off too much.

An Undercut With Curly Hair Is a Bold Fashion Statement

Mixing an undercut with curly hair is a fabulous look that can add flair to your current style. If you are also looking for some relief from the heat, it could help with that too. Consider getting an undercut if you want to experiment with new hair designs.

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